Automation Takes Over Trash and Recycling Pickup

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From space exploration to smart homes, automation has had an increasingly profound impact on our world. Automation has even trickled into traditionally tough tasks like trash and recycling pickup.

A New Way to Manage Waste

Despite its status as an essential service, trash and recycling often fall in the category of afterthought, a part of our day-to-day (or week-to-week) that doesn’t get a ton of attention. But, like so many other daily activities, it’s not immune to technology or progress.

Communities across the nation now enjoy the benefits of automated trash and recycling pickup. It’s not only safer for laborers, it’s cleaner and more convenient for homeowners as well.

How It Works

In an automated collection system, residents are provided standardized carts, or “totes,” to place their waste and recycling in. Designed for the automated process, these durable, large-capacity wheeled carts are virtually indestructible.

During collection, the driver simply positions the collection truck beside the carts. Using controls inside the cab of the vehicle, the driver maneuvers a side-mounted arm to pick up the carts and dump them in the truck.

This allows a solo driver to service an entire route and the need for manual labor is eliminated. The process reduces driver injury, loss of waste into the environment and inefficiency in collection.

Many Benefits

“We’ve implemented this in numerous communities over the years with ever-positive results,” said Dependable Disposal Owner Steve Morgan, an early adopter of the technology. “It’s more convenient for our customers and keeps streets and neighborhoods cleaner.”

This automated trash and recycling pickup comes with numerous benefits to homeowners …

  • No lifting of cans or bins
  • No blowing trash and recycling debris on windy days
  • Greater privacy
  • No rodents or pests getting into the trash
  • Cleaner service
  • One spacious, convenient container
  • Safer collection (one-sided pickup means no swerving trucks)

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