Current Collection Practices

Over the past three years, Dependable Disposal has converted 60% of their collection to DSRL (Dual Stream Rear Loader) trucks. Before this conversion, two trucks were needed per route, one for refuse and one for recycling. The advantages of the DSRL trucks are decreased fuel and truck costs, as one truck is doing the job of two. The decreased truck costs include but are not limited to: maintenance and repair, tire expenses, and less truck depreciations. The DSRL also gives us the ability to collect on both sides of the street for our rural routes.

Making Strides in the Waste Industry
Our new collections method utilizes an automated 50/50 split side load truck or “ASL.” This unit combines the best of the side load and DSRL trucks as it can collect both commodities, trash and recycling, with only one operator. What’s more, our ASL is more environmentally friendly than other waste collection trucks in that only one employee is needed to run it, eliminating the need for the unsafe “jumper,” the employee on the back of the truck who jumps on and off 500 times a day and manually lifts at 500 stops a day. In addition to our revolutionary truck, Dependable offers all current private subscription customers easy-to-roll, lidded recycling and trash totes, making the collection and storage of waste materials that much more simple and clean.

We seek to further our customer satisfaction in everything that we do, from providing environmentally sound operations to maximizing safety out on the road to utilizing the latest technology.

Recycling helps Onondaga County and Cayuga County