Coakley Customers

Dear Former Coakley Customers:

If you have landed on this page, you are interested to find out about Dependable Disposal and changes that will be happening in the coming weeks.  First, welcome and thank you for the opportunity to be your waste and recycling provider.  Like Coakley’s, our goal has always been to provide customers with exceptional service at fair prices, and place a high value on customer service.  Dependable has operations in Bloomfield, Webster, Henrietta, Wolcott, and Syracuse.

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What changes will residential customers see?

Because of safety and efficiency purposes, we use an automated collection system. The driver operates a joystick, which moves a hydraulic arm to empty the trash and recycle carts. Dependable will be utilizing a one-pass truck. The truck has 2 compartments; therefore, trash and recycling will be picked up at the same time. This new method, does not allow us to take large bulk items with your weekly service. Some examples of bulk items are mattresses & box springs, dressers, furniture, large pieces of wood, etc. If you have these types of items, please call our office to schedule a pickup. During the coming days/weeks, Dependable will be outfitting residential customers with (1) new recycling rolling cart, so accounts will have 1 for trash & 1 for recycling. If you currently do not have a trash cart, we will be dropping you one of those as well. If garage service is provided to you, a recycling cart will not be provided at this time. Please follow the instructions that are attached to the cart. Upon delivery of your recycling cart, we will be looking for broken trash carts and replacing them where appropriate.

HELPFUL TIPS: Position totes so: Lids open to the road, space minimum 3 feet apart, try to fit everything inside totes.

How will the billing work?

In mid-January 2022 you will receive your first bill from Dependable for the 1st quarter service (January-March.) All customers have been billed for a portion of the first quarter by Coakley. All those payments made to Coakley for 2022 will be applied to your account for the first quarter. If you have paid annually/semi-annually, your next bill will be sent to you on the same schedule. Any past due balances are still payable to Coakley Disposal, and all invoiced services in January 2022 are payable to Dependable Disposal. Dependable offers convenient online bill pay and the ability to setup recurring payments. If you are interested in these services, please go to, or contact our customer service team at 585-505-1500 after you receive your first Dependable bill with an account number.

In closing, as the owner of Dependable Disposal I am a very hands-on and will be involved with this transition from start to finish. I enjoy driving routes and meeting customers, perhaps I will see you in the coming weeks/months.

Steve Morgan / Owner-Dependable Disposal